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walking sightseeing

  • Destination: Udaipur
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: Rs.400

the udaipur walking sightseeing is A CULTURE walking tours to monuments like City Palace and Museam , most famous Jagdish temple and amazing Ghats of Lake pichola .

Highlights of walking sightseeing all with a private local licensee Guide by ministry of tourism Government of India.
City Palace – entry fee included
Jagdish temple
Ghats and lake Pichola
Udaipur walking sightseeing tour –

Udaipur Guide will take you for this special private walking sightseeing tour – this is design and runs to cover all top sights in old city serene water lake Pichola and their Ghat.

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the udaipur walking sightseeing  is  A CULTURE  tours to monuments  like Palace and Museam  temples and Ghats   walking sightseeing Tours is  in operational for almost entire year 

Highlights of walking sightseeing

  1. City Palace & Museam from inside 
  2. Jagdish temple
  3. Ghats and lake Pichola
  4. private tour  exclusive for you

Udaipur walking sightseeing  tour

Udaipur Guide will take you for this special private walking sightseeing  tour  – this is design and  runs  to cover all top sights in old city  serene water lake Pichola  and  their Ghat.  Our Guide will report to   Entry gate of bagore ki haveli  , if you are not staying in  old town . if you are staying in old town  our guide will report to your hotel  any hotel which is 500 meter from Jagdish temple or City palace  our guide will meet at the hotel on given time.   this is appropriate tour for those who are looking  for unique experience of udaipur by feet    Old city walk- from Bagore ki Haveli to Ghats  Gangour ghat  of beautiful Lake Pichola  there are  palaces in middle of lake  JagMandir , Mohan Mandir and lake Palace. You are walking upto Temple of Lord Vishnu  Jagdish temple . after visit temple in details  you are continue to walking  till  City palace . the  Palace Museum  and  you will guided by our expert guide about History and architecture of Palace .


walking tour  we request for  – 1.appropriate dress and foot wear for walking,    2.walk on left side  watch the surface , low doors, animals cow mist 3. follow the advise of guide for photography 4. apply sun cream

Includes :  licensed Guide of Government &  City Palace

Excludes :  food, drink , Gratuity

Meeting Point : Entry gate of bagore Haveli

Time required  : upto 3 Hours –


Advance booking required – No phone booking accepted

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