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chittaurgarh fort day tour

  • Destination: chittorgarh, khempur
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: Rs.700

chitttaurgarh fort day tour this is largest fort in India and off course grandest fort in Rajasthan. It is a living fort like fort of Jaisalmer. The fort is in shape of a fish through bird eye view and this Hill fort is locatrd 125 Km from udaipur . The chittaurgarh was Capital of Mewar kingdom for many year, Fort was sacked three time by invaders but it stand like a unbreakable pillars of Mewar history . The palacr of Maharani Padmini, pride of Rajput bravery. Victoy tower a Symbols of great victory. Tower of fame Kirti stambha devotion to jainsim alongside many temples .

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  •  700 Rs per person

World Heritage UNESCO fort Chittor, Chittorgarh was the capital of Mewar and is these days situated several one hundred twenty five kilometres by road from Udaipur . It sprawls majestically over a hill a hundred and eighty m (591 ft) tall cover a part of 280 hour angle (692 ac) on top of the plains of the valley drained by the Berach river. A winding hill road of over one metric linear unit (0.6 mi) length from the urban area leads to the West End main gate, known as Ram pol, of the fort. throughout the chittaurgarh fort day tour your are go through seven gates (in the native language, gate is named “Pol”), specifically the Padan pol, Bhairon pol, Hanuman pol, Ganesh Pol, Jodla Pol, Laxman Pol  and also the main entry gate of Ram Pol (Lord Rama’s Gate). All the gateways to the fort are designed as large stone structures with secure fortifications for military defense. The doors of the gates with pointed arches are reinforced to foreclose elephants and cannon shots. the highest of the gates have notched parapets for archers to shoot at the enemy army. A circular road with in Chittorgarh fort provides access to any or all the gates and monuments set among the fort walls. This circular road within the fort links all the gates and provides access to the various monuments (ruined palaces and a hundred thirty temples) within the fort. Drive for Chittorgarh fort day tour additionally to check water bodies there are total twenty two water bodies. These water bodies are fed by natural structure and rainfall and have a combined storage of four billion litres that might meet the water desires of a military of 50,000. the provision may last for four years. These water bodies are within the variety of ponds, wells and step wells. you will drive round the fort therefore all will easily visit for senior citizen throughout the chittaurgarh fort day tour.

chittaurgarh fort day tour – A day tour to chitttorgarh fort  this  is largest fort in India  and off course  grandest fort in Rajasthan.  It is a living fort like fort of Jaisalmer. The fort is in shape of a fish through bird eye view  and.  .  The palacr of Maharani Padmini Padmavati, pride of Rajput bravery.   Victory tower a Symbols of great victory.  Tower of fame  Kirti stambha  devotion to Jainism  alongside many temples are  inside the fort .The chittaurgarh Fort  witnessed many battle  and bloods  of  brave Rajputs . it was sacked three time by invaders but it stand like a unbreakable pillars of Mewar history

Important : in Summer It can get hot so make sure that you have a head cover, sunscreen and hydration.

  • Duration : 7-8  hours
  • Included : 
    • One upfront price, all inclusive, no hidden charges, prices per car (not per person)
    • Air conditioned car
    • Private Experience Chauffeur &  carrying  cellphone
    • One Pick up and drop off within Udaipur area
    • Pickup and drop  Udaipur airport  without any additional charges
    • More pickup and drop-off cities available ( let us know pick up)
    • Petrol/Diesel
    • Parking charges
    • Toll fees
    • All applicable taxes
    • Flexible & customization itinerary – Choose pickup time, add/remove destinations
  • Excluded :
    •  tickets & camera tickets, Food and drinks , Tip
    • Pick up from Fort Begu/ Fort Basii/ Fort barli charges applicable
    • Hotels on request in or near chittaurgarh
  • Sample Itinerary : (can be customized).  chittaurgarh fort day tour  itinerary is as under to customize the itinerary for you. 
    • Day1
    • 9:00 AM Start from Udaipur Hotel – airport  – city center
    • 11:15 Arrival  to largest  fort Chittaurgarh
    • 11:15 Also  Photo or view ,from top
    • 11:30 AM   kumbha palace in  side the fort
    • 12:30  PM Meera temple, Victoy tower, Temple
    • 01:30 PM padmini Palace , Kriti stambh
    • 02:00 Lunch break  Hotels nearby
    • 03:00 PM Start from Chittaurgarh
    • 04;30:00 PM Arrive in Udaipur your hotel
Guide& car to chittorgarh

same day chittaurgarh fort trip . hire a guide & car for chittorgarh . Guided tour to chittoragrh

add on your trip Local Guide for  Chittorgarh fort @ 1000-1200Rupees

please check the availability of tour during the peak season avoid to book over phone. Please Email with details – No of person, Date of tour, Hotel address.

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