My parents and I spent two days in Udaipur area with the help of this tour company, which provided us with a skilled driver and a guide fluent in English. Coming from the U.S., we have been touring all over Northern India. We added Udaipur at the end of our trip, with no planning beforehand. Our guide picked us up at Hotel Chunda Palace, and on the first day took us everywhere within the city. In the morning, we walked around Lake Pichola, and learned the history of the lakes and the flora lakeside. He helped us get a boat ride to Jag Mandir Island; then we saw ruins and a garden for the queens’ friends. We had a dinner at Ambrai restaurant, with a stunning view of the Lake Palace and the City Palace.

The following day, we went outside the city, west into the mountains. The drive to Ranakpur was fascinating, with numerous people making a religious pilgrimage walking and biking along the road to a shrine hundreds of miles away. It felt like a festival the entire 90 kms. Our guide knew all the details of the various people and the history of each monument, city, and people we encountered. It was liberating to find someone with this depth of knowledge about such a beautiful area. We really liked the trip to Ranakpur for the Fort with the Great Wall of India and the Jain Temple. Both were constructed around the same time in the 15th century — one built to protect a people during war with foreign invaders, and the other built to encourage nonviolence and respect for all life. Along the way, we learned from our guide about the different religious philosophies, talked about cattle, dogs, camels, mongooses (?mongeese), status of men and women, and the vivid Rajasthani fashion. Great fun and also an education to boot — I look forward to coming back and perhaps doing a tour to a second region in Rajasthan. Would use this same company again. [One more thing: I had a little trepidation before our journey about driving through the mountains, but as it turned out, we felt very safe the entire way. Our driver did not take any radical chances and was familiar with the road.]

Visited August 2013