The  City Palace of udaipur  with  a foundation stone laid by Maharna Udai singh ji On blessing of a sage  prem giri Goswami in year 1559 . The Huge Place is on Hill rocks and a front facade of main palace 244 meter length and 30.4 meter hights on east abnk of Pichola Lake .   City palace Architucture is mix blend of Rajput , Mughal, Eurpean and Chines architecture .

City palace udaipur is known for its Narrow Passage, small enterances zigzag corridors are planned in this fashion to avoid surprise attacks by enemies. there are multiple view points from palace to have a panoramic view of  Pichola lake and Udaipur City .  The Places inside the Palace built by different maharanas are Impressive , Glass Work , Miniature painting and Tiles of  different coutries are used for decoration of mejastic palace , 22 different Maharanas. Every one is  known for it Charractors  contributes  the beautiful palaces.   Different courtyard inside the Palace  but Peacock courtyard  is amazing  for its glass ( Mosaic work ) The peacocks have been crafted with 5000 pieces of glass, which shine in green, gold and blue colours . the Cortyard  balcony (GoKhara ) has been restored by MMCF,Udaipur under Obersvation of HH Arvind singh ji Maharna Partap and Chetak gallary in  begining of palace visit  – Famouse Horse of Mahrana Partap is  Called Chetak-   during the battle of Haldighati Horse  Chetak ,who rescued his master at the cost of his own life

There are many other gallery  in City palace Udaipur  added by  H.H. shri ji arvind Singh are  a great effort to show the life of Mewar Maharana – Silver gallary , Costume gallary and Music gallery  are  amazing inside the Zanana mahal